Cardi B “Money” Video

First, let me start by saying the opening of the video was dope! Cardi inside of a glass case to appear as a statue. A few of the dresses that she wore before surrounded her. What I like about Cardi is that she owns who she is and doesn't apologize for it. On to the…Read more Cardi B “Money” Video


London Fashion Week September 2018 Schedule

Now that the close of  New York Fashion Week here,  this is the schedule for  London Fashion Week. I will be posting photos and videos of the top runway shows in my opinion. So, stay tuned! September 13 SPECIAL OPENING: C-POP by VIP.COM (Mukzin, Bailuyu, A Life On The Left, Kisscat) Catwalk 13:00 CTF Award …Read more London Fashion Week September 2018 Schedule