First, let me start by saying the opening of the video was dope! Cardi inside of a glass case to appear as a statue. A few of the dresses that she wore before surrounded her. What I like about Cardi is that she owns who she is and doesn’t apologize for it. On to the fashion in this video. She wore gold watches wrapped on her arms, headdress, and bodysuit blinged out by Christian Cowan. Rihanna initially dissed these watches on her shoot in a previous post that I’ve done.

Kollin Carter her stylist has made his mark. He keeps her ahead of the fashion curve in the latest high fashion looks. From designers like @GarethPughstudio, @sarahsokolmillinery, @brookelyn_styles, @laureldewitt, @daretobevintage, @pleasershoes, @guiseppezanoti, and @robertwun. These designers were all apart of the collaboration for the video shoot!

Cardi B

Carter and team mixed couture, different cultural aspects, and incorporated different time periods with a modern edge. This video was like a “Night at the Museum” come to life! However, for the grown and sexy of course, mixing high fashion exotic dancers, models, and high rollers. If you haven’t watched the video yet take a look!


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