So, I had the pleasure to visit SCAD Fashion Museum in Atlanta!  I was not sure of what to expect, but the costumes were an inspiration.   So many of these costumes I’ve seen in movies numerous time, but I never thought I would see them up close. The costumes were created by the London firm, Cosprop Ltd., which focused on the art of costume design.

Queen Victoria

Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria in “Victoria”

According to the pamphlet, it was meant to be an intimate look at garments and millinery that set the scene, give personality to characters and establish authenticity in period films. The films represented in the exhibition depict five centuries of history, drama, comedy, fairy tale, and adventure through period costumes worn by such film stars as Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Drew Barrymore, Keira Knightley, Nicole Kidman, and Kate Winslet. 


Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth “Queen Elizabeth”


Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth “Queen Elizabeth”

While at the museum, I kept saying to another onlooker that designers don’t design like this anymore! She was in awe of almost every garment as she passed. Snapping pictures, gasping, and making small comments about how beautiful the garments were. Like her, I was there with my Nikon snapping pictures and looking in amazement as well!  There was so much detail in these garments. This was not just ordinary sewing and you could tell by the intricate hand sewing, couture at its finest.  Take a look below! 

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