Hello Fashion Dreamers!! It’s that time again, and let’s get into the collections. There are two designers that made this cut Naeem Khan and Christian Cowan. Not all of the looks from these collections were picked, but these were the best looks from my point of view.

First up, Christian Cowan Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2019. Cowan stayed true to his design aesthetics. The clothing was very bold, fun, risque, daring. Also, like The Blonds show this was a part of fashion that I missing. The connecting element throughout most of the collection was the gold watches.  Rhianna in her bts British Vogue shoot said, “I can’t, this is the most ghetto shit I’ve ever seen in my life!”  No shade to Princess Ri, but  I think this is the most swagged out accessory I have ever seen in my life! It definitely helps give the collection that extra ooow!

Of course Christian brought sequins, metallics, patent leather, feathers, animal prints and velvets all-out to play! I loved the hoodies and jackets that were half and half. The way each look is styled uniquely to a different type of girl.  She could be going out to a night on the town, a New York City Ballroom Scene,  or just a quick after work get away with her trendy fashion friends. Take a look!


Next collection that made this cut was Naeem Khan Ready to Wear.  He has grown on me as a designer.  Last week at Harper’s Bazaar Icon Party, Lala Anthony stepped out in one of Khan’s gowns looked stunning! His clothing to can go from an upscale dinner date to red carpet ready.  The clothing is always so polished and chic. All the gowns were whimsical and cocktail dresses were very classy and tasteful.

This season he used a really beautiful butterfly printed fabric throughout the collection. Which also was the connecting element.  There was a lot of prints but they all meshed well together with the impeccable beading. He is a master at mixing the two which is true to his design aesthetics from collections I’ve seen before.  Sheers, mesh, lace, and silks, and chiffons were just a few of the lightweight fabrics used.


I hope you all enjoyed this review! If clothing doesn’t evoke a thought or feeling then it’s not worth it. Remember we’re all waiting to be moved! 

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