theblond Dominique

Dominique Jackson The Blonds Spring Summer 2019

Hello all! Now that fashion week is in full swing, I have my commentary on the shows.  Some of the shows were a hit and others definitely didn’t make this review.  American fashion I’m not sure what it has come too but I definitely would like to see more out of this world looks. Seems like there is a disconnect with creativity. The only show that I absolutely loved was The  Bonds. They picked a theme and told a story with their collection.  Also, on some of the shows it wasn’t about the clothing it was the message of the show.  Like Chromat promoting body positivity, and that women come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.  So without further ado, these are the shows that gained my fashion commentary.

Laurence & Chico
Fashion Notes
Jay Alexander
Cropped wigs

Todashi Shoji
Fashion Notes
A lot of sequins
Elegant dresses
Evening wear
Chiffon, sheers
Stars in the at top center fronts
One shoulder garments
Sequin fabrics that transition into sheer
Love the blues & greens
Exaggerated eye make up
Look like rich housewives

Nicole Miller
Fashion Notes
Love the blues and greens fabrics
Printed fabric dope ( Blazer, skirt, and top Combo)
Denim shorts over the top of leopard

Tom Ford
Fashion Notes
Yesss Leather!
Wait a minute are they wearing do-rags?!?!
Chic looks
Pastel Colors
Unique half blazers
Fringe skirts with giraffe print moto jackets

Jeremy Scott
Fashion Notes
Always colorful & extra
Bish! Is that Pikachu!?!
What are those space boots?

Fashion Notes
Chic clothes
So green is this seasons color
Winnie Harlow
Yes African American Designer
Love the pastel printed looks

Michael Costello
Fashion Notes
High splits
Flowy dresses
Sequined men’s wear
Very tropical
Gives Miami Vibes

Fashion Notes
No body shaming love plus sized girls
Love the message of this show
Anyone can walk the runway
Not your typical models

Vivienne Hu
Fashion Notes
Love the mix prints of fabrics
Model Diandra Forrest
Feathered power suit
Kind of an older look
A lot of ruffles

The Blonds
Fashion Notes
Shows opens with a badass queen of hearts
That coat yessss girl Werq!!
Heart Shapes on the Corset
Oh, these looks are strong!
Yess purple jumpsuit
Patent Leather dress with mirrored sleeves
Supermodel Shaun Ross
Oh hunni the twins worked
Make-up Artist Patrick Starrr as Ursula
Gold Neck Peace
Model, and pose cast member Dominique Jackson
Leiomy Maldonado
Love red and white color story
Yessss dope as sparkle socks “I want some”
Cruella Deville Inspiration

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