Disclaimer: I am not here to slander or come for Beyonce.  Bee-hive keep calm, please! I have my bee smoker on standby LOL!


First, I  want to start by congratulating her for the opportunity to do this cover at one of the most highlighted times during the year in fashion.  Many of us fashion followers  know as @dangerouslyglam  put it that “The September Issue is the Halloween of Issues!”  So, this is like the craziest over the top fashion that a designer, stylist, makeup artist, and photographers can bring! When you open this particular issue the runway unfolds before your eyes.

Beyonce talked about her pregnancy and body acceptance, opening doors, ancestry, freedom, Coachella, OTRII, and her legacy in the article.  All of those things are extremely important, and I’m not taking away from any of those accolades. However,  this could have been an even more pivotal moment! Not only within fashion, yet due to the scarcity of minorities within the fashion industry as well. I wish she could have chosen designers such as  @jacinta_ligon.  Bey could have still stayed true to herself but incorporating different styling elements.


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When I think of Beyonce on the September Issue, I see an earthy futuristic kick-ass woman.  Embodying and owning everything that she has been through. Furthermore, using all those things she mentioned in the article but tell the story through fashion! For some odd reason, LOL I picture her giving us an Earthy chic African futuristic Wakandian Queen!

Queen Bey should have continued on this path being Pro-Black. Similar, to what she did at her Coachella performances.  She should have been like, let me introduce you to what fashion means to me and how I express it.  We understand that fashion is not her lane of expertise. YET, fashion is similar to performing. The artist or designer puts on a show…

Overall, I just feel it was a missed opportunity that could have made a bigger impact.  No shade, to Tyler Mitchell I’m very proud that he had this opportunity. With a little more thought, creative direction, and innovation this cover definitely would have been iconic. What’s your thoughts?







2 thoughts on “Beyonce September Issue 2018|| Was it Iconic or A Missed Opportunity?

    • Honestly, I wanted to see her use more new age minority designers. Since she had free range. Also, I like clothes that look other worldly, especially for the September issue. That’s like Halloween in the fashion industry. Dress up and go all out and hold nothing back. Also in the posted one of the new age designer in the post Jacinta Legion you can click link in article see her stuff.


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