Questions answered, say no more! I’m completely convinced that this collection is for the Millenials. From the oversized shapes,  Bart Simpson printed shirts and the OFF center front lines, and fisherman vest all just OFF… Not to mention that all the models looked like underage teenage boys. I’m not sure where they’re going or what mall they hanging out. The design concepts are a lot at once and digest.

Virgil has stated that his design aesthetic is couture meets streetwear. I expected more, well thought that the onlookers deserved more.  Really wish he could have given us a swagged hip kid that everyone envied in high school because of their wardrobe.  Maybe a little weird, but fashionable.  You know what? He should have consulted Jaden and Willow Smith perfect inspiration for this collection! Even these young new age rap artist.  Overall, I think we all want/expect more.   I’m really hoping that he is going to showcase more luxe items for Louis Vuitton.  What’re your thoughts?  See my fashion notes and show below.

Fashion Notes:

Dondi printed logo
Floral printed denim
See Thru Sheer
Bart Simpson screen prints
Shiny sequin denim
Painted denim
1/1 logo guessing= 1 of 1

Silver hoops on zippers
Dope ass mini luggage

Backstage at Off-White Men's Spring 2019

Crop denim
Oversized pockets, sleeves, collars, and shirts
Shifted center fronts
Off waistlines and exaggerated pockets
2 in 1 sleeves


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