After watching both of these shows,  I noticed some similarities.   Not design aesthetic but some the fabric choices.   Sheer fabrics, leather, and fur coats.  John’s Collection was more ready to wear. Balmain chic collection had edge and fashion forward.   For those of you that are new to my blog, I’ll explain how I review collections.  So, I watch fashion shows via Youtube mostly and I take notes. Not in any particular order or method, notating how the collection is interpreted to me. Take a look at my style notes for each collection.

John Richmond‘s collection included Menswear as well.


Fashion Notes

  • Leather  zippered skirts
  • Sheer Tops
  • Fur Coats
  • Men wearing leather coats over a puffer jacket
  • Embroidered men blazers
  • Menswear long tweed coats
  • Sequins dress with cropped top sweatshirts

Olivier Rousteing creative director of Balmain


Fashion Notes

  • Shiny fabric that look like liquid lame
  • Oversized sequins
  • Iridescent fabric
  • Huge shoulders
  • Quilted fabric
  • Looked like power suits made out sheer see-thru fabric
  • Vinyl over denim
  • Sequined trousers
  • Ostrich feather shoes
  • Ruffle down the sleeves
  • Bust cut leather jackets
  • Paris screen printed all over fabric
  • Pleated see-thru skirts
  • Pleated Punchos

One thought on “Were John Richmond and Balmain Fall 2018 Collections Inspired by similar Inspiration?

  1. This doesn’t surprise me. John Richmond was a really big influence on early 90’s fashion and that nightclub / deconstructed look was a look he owned for a (short) while, along with Gualtier. Younger designers are really being influenced by that time right now. It would be great for John Richmond to begin to have a resurgence and get the credit he deserves. I’m going to search out this show!!

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