Let’s jump right into this final review of the shows. The two designers left that I would like to review Marc Jacob and LaQuan Smith. Both very different concepts and design elements.

LaQuan Smith sent two models in high turtlenecks leotards resembling twins. His designs were striking, provocative, and chic.   Catsuits, Jumpsuits, bustier dresses, and see-through fabrics.  The girls that wear these looks definitely must be fearless.  Design concepts included exposed zippers, off the shoulders, and risque hemlines. Take a look!

Next, we have Marc Jacobs!  When the first model came out I thought “Carmen Sandiego!”   Carmen Sandiego was a popular cartoon from the 90’s.

Secondly,  the hats I said immediately “Beyonce  Formation!”

Models were draped in oversized coats and hats pulled down really low.  They were mysterious also included big bows on some of the model’s necks. Marc is notorious for draping layers.  Watch the show below peep some of the similar concepts.






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