Let’s get into the collections from  Friday and Saturday shows. Dion Lee,  Christian Cowan, Pyer Moss, and Philipp Plein were my favorite. Each show had very different perspectives. Take a look below!

Dion Lee collection oversized jackets with rounded sleeves. The looks are very structured.  Some of the men wore flip-flops with their looks.  Women wore skirts that looked coats that tied at the waist.  In addition, to the cut-out bust and the scenery overlooking the city. Watch the video below!

Next up Christian Cowan! I call this collection the “The Intentional Collection!” A couple of things stood out to me about this collection. Fabrics included ostrich feathers, patent leather, swagged out furs with “NY ♥’s Me!” Also,  fabrics used vinyl, fringe,  and sequins. I loved how he included  Valentine’s Day theme into this collection. In addition,  loved how he incorporated the red lighted hearts with the garments. Take a look!

Alright next up Pyer Moss! First, let me say I definitely felt this fashion show. I was moved!  It was very powerful and inspirational. When the show started a choir the took the stage. Then they began to sing.  Some of the first looks to come out gave the illusion of denim.  Felt very 70’s Shaft with bell bottom pants.  Oversized sweaters,  ponchos, crop coats, and Reebok logo on coats and accessories. Also, model Danielle Evans from America’s Next Top Model walked in the show as well. Choir also song one of Kendrick Lamar’s song “Alright!” The most unique thing that caught my attention was the huge laces on jackets, pants, and coats.  Watch the video below.

Then there’s Alexander Wang! The first thing that I could think of was “Trinity Chic!” Yes, Trinity from the Matrix movie! These women were very strong. The setting was in an old Conde Nast building.  The guests sat within the cubicles.  When the first model came around the corner first thing I thought was strong.  The connecting element were the zippers.  Studded gloves,  Alexander printed stockings and pants which is his signature. Loved how he made trousers from the fabric that you make sweaters with. Overall, these girls were kick ass.  Get into the show below.

Last but not least! Philipp Plein! He is really changing the game. The opening of the show, tractor burst thru the wall. Migos comes out with their intro and shortly after Robot walks out.  Then a spaceship descends. Once the Alien aircraft touched down the door opens out comes the first model. She’s wearing  Philipp Plein catsuit and escorted by the robot.  The looks are streetwear meet fashion. Flashy shiny fabrics, buckles,  vinyl over fur. Also, Bubble coats and Playboy Bunny embellished sweaters. I’ll let you see for yourself.


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